Why an Earth Science Museum?

Arizona represents a natural setting for a museum dedicated to Earth science. The state resides in an extremely diverse and rich geologic environment with large mineral reserves and a vibrant mining industry. It also hosts the largest collection of rock and gem trade shows on the planet.


Our mission is to establish an innovative, world class destination museum in the Phoenix area dedicated to inspiring all generations about earth sciences. The museum will provide exciting, engaging, and exceptional visitor experiences through outreach, online, and on-site programs

Why an Earth Science Museum

Arizona is blessed with many geological wonders! It is a perfect setting for a museum dedicated to earth science, while educating our children in science and technology is vital to our future.


Arizona has a rich mineral and mining heritage along with many geological wonders, such as the Grand Canyon.  Displays of spectacular minerals from local mines have always attracted public attention and served as focal points for learning about earth science. The Earth Science Museum (ESM) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization is working to establish a new Phoenix museum. 

Help Needed!

Building a new museum is exciting, but it's also challenging involving huge amounts of time, talent, and resources.  We need your help! Please donate, become a member, or volunteer!

Phase 1: Outreach

Currently, we are working on Phase One in which classroom instruction and small exhibits are delivered directly to schools through outreach programs.  In our first year of operation, the ESM developed two new teacher kits and successfully piloted these kits and associated instructional presentations at 17 local schools.

Phase 2: Initial Museum

The second phase involves transitioning to an initial physical facility.  The museum will include key elements such as mineral galleries, geology and paleontology exibits, and a classroom.

Phase 3: Full Museum

Phase Three encompasses the construction of a full-featured museum.  Exhibits and educational programs will be extended to cover the major fields of earth science.   Food service, an auditorium, library, and meeting areas will be provided to enhance visitor experiences.

Background and Recent Developments

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Our Supporters

Some key supporters of the Earth Science Museum include the following organizations. Thank you for your contributions!

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